What is Innovation

What is Disruptive Innovation?

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Jobs-To-Be-Done Theory, People buy products to get jobs done

People execute tasks all the time in their business and personal lives. Some tasks they can accomplish using personal skills, brainpower, and physical strength. Other tasks require something more sophisticated. For these more complicated tasks, people turn to products and services for help. The jobs-to-be-done theory explains that the reason why products are created and why people use them are one and the same: people buy products and services to get jobs done.

So how does this insight benefit the companies that create those products? In a nutshell, to be a market leader, companies must create product, service, and software solutions that help customers get their jobs done better than competing solutions. Thus, a company’s success is dependent on its ability to understand the job (or jobs) its customers are trying to get done. This insight has provided Strategyn founder Tony Ulwick and his team with a very different perspective on how companies should execute what are arguably the three most important business processes: innovation, product development, and marketing. The result is Strategyn’s powerful jobs-to-be-done methodology.

View the rest here: http://strategyn.com/jobs-to-be-done/

What does innovation mean to Pioneer?

Pioneer wants your help developing and implementing idea for new products and services that:

•Bring value to our communities
•Serve our customers
•Grow our audience
•Improve our performance

Resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability.

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