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What, exactly are we looking for?

›We’re looking for ideas that we haven’t tried, but should in your opinion, to help grow our company in new ways to meet changing and anticipated needs of our audience and businesses in your community.   We aren’t looking for “suggestion box” ideas. For example, if you have some suggestions on how our benefits should be better or have a new content page idea for Sunday’s paper or even a new way to re-purpose an old special section, talk to your department head or publisher and make those changes. We do this every day and it is extremely important in our day to day success. But if we want to change the game and grow our business to new levels in the face of our uncertain future, we need ideas that change the game. Do you have that next game changing idea?  Let’s hear about it!

Why do we need the detail?

Details are important when submitting your ideas ( We’re not looking for a novel, don’t worry, but we need more than a few sentences to get the full gist of your submission).  Providing  brief supporting information about why you think the idea is viable, how it might work for Pioneer and why, the type of work that would have to be done to get it going and your end vision of what it could ultimately produce/accomplish will help us work with you to properly review and vet your ideas

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Remember, there are no bad ideas…well, there are some bad ideas but without them, the good ideas would never come out. Sometimes all it takes for a bad idea to turn into a great idea is to match it up with another idea you didn’t think of. Please submit your idea…all it takes is one.


What’s Next?

This is how your idea goes from idea to reality after you hit submit. A team of folks look at all ideas and vets them based on this flow chart.

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