The difference between local and global innovation

Hello everyone! Happy Monday to all!

Today I’d like to talk briefly about Local vs. Global innovation and what that means in our company. Many of our innovation ideas are what we call “Local”, in other words they are things that can and should be implemented locally. This is not to say they are not valuable, just that they aren’t the enterprise-wide types of ideas the council is fishing for.

The typical “local” innovation idea is something like changing carrier routes to be more efficient and to delivery a phone book along the way. A more “global” version of this kind of idea would be to develop a tool that would present the carrier with a list of all deliveries, with a “check-in” feature that allows the carrier to mark the paper delivered, see notes about the address, and offers a tool for the customer to track their delivery and even tip their carrier.

When you are thinking about new ideas to submit, keep this in mind. We welcome ALL ideas, and we’ll help you flesh them out whether it’s local or global.

Because good ideas matter!

Why so much detail in my idea submission?

Details are important when submitting your ideas ( We’re not looking for a novel, don’t worry, but we need more than a few sentences to get the full gist of your submission).  Providing  brief supporting information about why you think the idea is viable, how it might work for Pioneer and why, the type of work that would have to be done to get it going and your end vision of what it could ultimately produce/accomplish will help us work with you to properly review and vet your idea.